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A memorandum specifying the people excluded from the curfew decision

The Director of Land and Maritime Transport, Abdul Hafeez Al-Qaisi, issued a memorandum specifying the bodies that should be excluded from Resolution No. 54/2020 of March 26, 2020, related to additional measures within the framework of strictness in combating the Coronavirus epidemic in order to facilitate the work of Lebanese ports in receiving, unloading and loading ships.

Eli Zakhour, President of the International Chamber of Navigation in Beirut, considered that this memo came at the request of the Chamber with the exception of the Lebanese Maritime Transport Sector from the decision to prevent roaming from seven in the evening until five in the morning, so that Lebanese ports remain working day and night and continue to provide the markets with all the goods and materials they need Food and medical supplies under the difficult circumstances Lebanon is going through due to the Corona virus.

Zakhour thanked the concerned authorities, especially Al-Qaisi, “who responded quickly to the Chamber’s request, except for workers in the shipping sector from the decision to prevent roaming.”