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6th Case at the Galilee camp in Baalbek

The mayor of Baalbek, Fouad Al-blog, announced, in a statement to the “National Information Agency”, that the PCR exams in the Galilee Palestinian refugee camp in Baalbek showed that there was a new infection with the emerging coronavirus, without symptoms appearing on it, which necessitated its compulsory quarantine equipped by UNRWA agency inside the camp.
He called on the people of Baalbek and camp residents, “to adhere to the decisions of general mobilization and the Ministry of Health, in terms of the obligation to move around in cars according to the decision of the Ministry of Interior, or for spacing and not crowding, or by wearing masks and gloves, and not to leave homes except for necessity, in order to preserve public safety, with emphasis on sterilization mechanisms Especially after the number of people infected with the Corona pandemic increased to 6 cases in the camp overlooking the city’s neighborhoods. “
The blog called on the security forces to “tighten the application of the decisions of the Council of Ministers, the Supreme Defense Council and the relevant ministries, in order to preserve the safety of the people, because the congestion witnessed by the city of Baalbek since about a week ago on roads, markets, and supply centers is unacceptable, and many municipal police are not sufficient to carry out this task.” .

Source: MTV