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3 Requests From the Ministry of Public Health!

After the decision to reopen the country, 3 “requests” from the Ministry of Health for the Lebanese

With the decision to gradually reopen the country, the Ministry of Public Health called on all citizens to adhere to the home quarantine and put up face masks. The local authorities and all the municipalities also called for strict monitoring in order to protect the community.

In this regard, the Ministry published on its account on Twitter in which it called on the Lebanese and residents to:

  1. The necessity and compulsion of strict conditions of domestic quarantined conditions, especially with regard to expatriates and their mates, as well as those who have had contact with infected cases.
  2. Stay away from gatherings and put gags when leaving.
  3. Cooperate and report any violation.
  4. Yesterday, the record of Corona’s infections increased, as 26 new cases were recorded