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10 positive cases on July 9 flight checks

The Ministry of Public Health reported that the results of the PCR checks for the upcoming trips to Beirut, which were conducted at the airport on 7/7/2020, showed 10 positive cases. The results were as follows:

Doha flight: MEA No. 437 (all negative).
Flight Kiev: BAY No. 202 (all negative).
Athena Flight: MEA No. 252 (all negative).
Doha flight: Qatari company No. 418 (all negative).
Madrid Journey: MEA No. 242 (all negative).
Rome Journey: MEA No. 232 (all negative).
Jeddah Journey: MEA No. 369 (all negative).
Cairo Trip: MEA No. 305 (all negative).
Cairo Trip: Egyptian Company No. 711 (four positive cases).
London Journey: MEA Corporation 202 (one positive injury).
Larnaca Flight: MEA No. 262 (all negative).
Baghdad Trip: Iraqi Company No. 131 (three positive cases).
Riyadh Journey: MEA Company No. 423 (one positive case).
Istanbul Flight: MEA No. 266 (all negative).
Paris Flight: Air France 566 (all negative).
Dubai Journey: FZ Company No. 159 (all negative).
Frankfurt Flight: MEA No. 218 (all negative).
Frankfurt Journey: LH Company No. 1308 (one positive case).
Istanbul Flight: TK No. 828 (all negative).